Care Dare Share

In a complex and evolving environment, we offer to all business firms, their leaders, and their teams, the Alignment of Leadership and Strategy, to develop new perspectives.

To do so, we build and deliver our unique approach around 3 universal values of leadership:

  • Allowing everyone to: be more open (Care), and act (Dare), with others (Share)
  • Constituting both: strategic axes for the company, and dimensions of progress for every leader.


Find “why”? Clarify the sense


Define “how”: act with boldness


Choose for “who”: to share with your team for your stakeholders

As an extension of our approach, and in collaboration with our Swiss partner NANTYS, we have designed a leadership lighting tool, based on these three dimensions: ALS+Li.

ALS+Li, the ALSPECTIVE Leadership Index, is a multilingual psychometric tool of self-Knowledge, exclusive to the ALSPECTIVE group.

Scientifically proven, this index developed with NANTYS, our reference partner in Switzerland (specialized in the development of psychometric tests and assessments), brings light on three dimensions of leadership: Care, Dare, Share.

ALS+Li offers to the candidate an instant vision of his position as leader

  • Care : Listen, understand, identify weak signals and emotional language
  • Dare : Dare, act, make the difference to innovate and undertake
  • Share : Share, communicate, interact with teams and all stakeholders

ALS+Li invites us to consider progress perspectives and personal leadership development strategies.

Leadership indice Care Dare Share-ALSpective Advisory in Leadership and Strategy