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With a Master’s Degree in Public Law, Solveig is specialized in assessments and coaching for teams and individuals. After having spent 12 years as a career advisor, she has a strong expertise in the Retail and Consumer Goods Sector. Solveig will bring new “perspectives” to companies and managers, in:

> Individual and collective coaching for the development of managerial and leadership skills: coaching, performance analysis, group dynamics.

As a Coach, Solveig will contribute to the preparation and promotion of teams and talents, addressing leadership issues, for both the executive committees (C-Level positions) and future leaders.

> Executive Assessments: Evaluations, talent review, leadership interview.

In our ALSPECTIVE Executive Assessments Centre, thanks to two years of alliance with the Swiss company NANTYS, Nantys, specialized in tests and assessments, the ALSPECTIVE group is offering executive assessments for leaders, both for our better analysis of all candidates and for our greater ability to open new development perspectives for any of them.

Albert Hiribarrondo, Founder and Chairman of the group, comments :

« ALSPECTIVE Group will offer to our Clients the necessary Leadership Alignment Programs with their desired Strategies (to be defined with the possible support of another activity of our group), identifying at the best their Leaders’ mobility skills and offering adaptive development programs… This new offer is necessary and complementary to the formidable prospects brought by our historical activity of headhunting when, through it, we search external talents and encourage them to join the company. All companies are today challenged by the questioning of their economic models and their capacity for sustainable mobilization of employees.

Solveig’s expertise, and the strengthening of our Leadership practice, are precisely assets to help our clients meet two strategic challenges for them:

> To Know how to engage teams on transformation projects.

> To Make these collective changes a successful individual transformation for each employee. ”

About Solveig, please find here her biography


ALSPECTIVE is an international Leadership and Strategy Alignment consulting group specializing in:

> Leadership Consulting, for individual and collective assessments + coaching of experts and managers

> Executive Search, for recruitment by “direct approach” of the members of the management committees

> Strategy & Boards Services, for the support of the governance, including Board members, CEOs, Presidents.

ALSPECTIVE is present in Paris, Geneva and Tunis. ALSpective is a member of The AESC, the “#1 voice of excellence” in headhunting. ALSPECTIVE is also co-founder of an international TGCL organization,TGCL, ready to serve all clients on 3 continents.
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24 avenue de l’Opéra – 75001 Paris
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