Leadership Consulting

We advise leaders and their teams, through events or stages in the life of organizations, such as their own path, in a targeted way.

Thus, according to the nature of the objectives identified and according to the personalities concerned, we offer to you an adapted support, mobilizing the most relevant approach and methodology.

Our expertise, deployed individually or collectively, focuses on three main areas:

  • Management Consulting, Executive Assessments
  • Accompanying teams and organizations, coaching and training
  • Personal development – self-knowledge, well-being and performance.

Examples of assignments:

  • Leadership development
  • Improved communication and decision-making
  • Teamwork and collective intelligence
  • Appropriation of strategy and values
  • Change management: reorganization, post-merger corporate culture, digital transformation…
  • Career assessment and position taking
  • Sparring Partnership
  • co-Development

Our proven practice is conducted in accordance with the rules of ethics, with confidence. Demanding and caring. This allows us, always, to obtain tangible results and the full satisfaction of our clients.

We listen to you, share your thoughts and answer your needs: contact@alspective.com