Our Associate Partners
ALSPECTIVE is a proud member of Panorama, a global community of over 400 talents working together to promote a diverse perspective of leadership, embracing creative thinking and sharing our expertise and experience with each other to bring our clients the very best results for their leadership needs.
AESC,, is the professional association for consultants who represent exemplary standards in executive search and leadership advisory worldwide. The AESC reinforce the services given to the BLUESTEPS candidates community, ALSPECTIVE, as AESC Member and elected member of the Council of Euope and Africa, operates at the top of the profession, adhering to the AESC Code of Professional Practice.
Our Strategic Partners
Perspectives, our strategic partner based in Tunisia, is specialised in surveys and educational projects in Africa. Centred on values such as ethics, innovation and excellence, our alliance helps us to focus on leadership on this continent.
Our Societal Partners
To support future leaders in 120 countries.
To support the scientific and research worlds.
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