Executive Search

CEO of an independent company with a national scope in the construction sector


The client gives us a search that a third-party firm has not been able to conclude previously

Issues and axes of research

  • Find a candidate (H / F) with a high level of technical expertise, both practical and theoretical, an important team management experience, a great sensitivity towards the daily challenges both on the construction sites and at the company’s headquarters and knowing how to find concrete solutions to them while mobilizing its teams around a new and ambitious strategy and objectives
  • Charismatic, he / she will be able to communicate effectively internally and externally where he / she will understand the needs expressed by the clients and will provide adequate and viable answers.
  • He/she will develop the business in the long term and in a sustainable way
  • Fully understanding the Swiss context with its regional, cantonal and even local particularities, all influencing the business of the company


  • Research “team”, both familiar with the sector of construction


  • Target list of 120 potentially interested targeted leaders, 40 of which have been contacted, to reach 9 semi-finalists and 5 introduced finalists.
  • In 8 weeks


Successful recruitment of the CEO, at client’s satisfaction

France, Tunisia, International
Partner and Adviser,
Executive Search, Strategic Advisory, 
Leadership Consulting