Advise and prepare a multinational executive for evaluation as part of a merger.


  • The merger of two groups of more than € 10 billion in turnover leads to the evaluation of the 100 leaders of each company, based on five leadership criteria
  • The leader, French, GM in Indonesia, has had a brilliant career for 20 years. He asks us to prepare him for an exercise he has never been confronted with.


Evaluation will result in: mutation, promotion, or eviction (as the merger is generating duplicates: 2 leaders for the same country).


  • Jeanne-Marie de CHANVILLE, Partner of ALSPECTIVE group, to train for the assessment, mini 360, MBTI.
  • Albert HIRIBARRONDO, partner of ALSPECTIVE group to train for the interviews

Value Creation by ALSPECTIVE

  • Analysis of the Executive Assessment procedure.
  • Understanding of the 5 identified Leadership values.
  • Creation of a preparation method in 4 sessions
  • Self-knowledge, Personality
  • Leadership, Communication
  • Repetitions of interviews
  • Advice on the solicitations of referents of the future EXCOM


Promotion of the coached leader

Jeanne-Marie de CHANVILLE
Partner and Adviser,
Coaching individuel et collectif, 
Leadership Consulting

France, Tunisie, International
Partner and Adviser,
Executive Search, Strategic Advisory,
Leadership Consulting